Meet Our Action Teams

These are our research and campaign working groups.

Research Action Teams

Research Action Teams are groups working on campaigns to target specific issues.  Attendance is open to any member of our partner organisations and usually meet on a fortnightly basis.  Click on one of the action teams below to find out more detail about their work.

Refugee Welcome Committee

Affordable Housing

People Seeking Asylum

Logistics & Content Team

Attendance is open to volunteers from partner organisations. We are looking for a small army of people to assist in organising the logistics of Sydney Alliance assemblies, ranging from sound and lighting control, registration, speakers, content, floor-plan, transport to the venue, accessibility and much much more. Get in touch with the key contact in your organisation if you are interested in joining these meetings.

The Sydney Alliance Media and Communications Working group

This is a team of leaders from our partner organisations who are interested in getting the work and story of the Sydney Alliance into the mainstream media. It includes some expert media people and others who are interested in how the media work. The team meets fortnightly and is organised into four sub-groups: messaging, media strategy, social media and building relationships with journalists. If you are interested in participating please contact David Barrow

Sydney Alliance Council

Meetings are held periodically to co-ordinate the action of the Sydney Alliance. There are two representatives from each partner organisation on the Sydney Alliance Council.  If your organisation is a partner of the Sydney Alliance, click here to find out who is your representative.