Our Staff

The Sydney Alliance is made up of our partner organisations, and we rely on the extensive voluntary and paid leadership that exists in those organisations. However we do employ a small staff to help train and support the practice of community organising.


 Lead Organiser (full time) - David Barrow David_Barrow_80x120.jpg

David is the Lead Organiser at the Sydney Alliance.  He has been with the Sydney Alliance for 7 years and with over ten years of community organising is an experienced professional working for social change and organisational renewal. David plays a leadership role within the Uniting Church, was the chair of the National Christian Youth Convention and is a delegate of the NSW Synod. Formerly, David was a board member of the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition, Australian Youth Forum Steering Committee and a student representative of the UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education. He was the President of the UTS Union Board, then the National Union of Students. As National President he campaigned in Australia and India to secure the 2009 reforms of International student rights and won increases to youth allowance for rural and poor students.  He has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and International Studies. He is a nostalgic Coastie.


Mansour_Flaihan.jpgOrganiser (full time) - Mansour Flaihan

Mansour joined the Sydney Alliance team in May 2016 after returning from Beirut where he was working with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, initially as a volunteer coordinator then i the programme support office. Mansour grew up in Lebanon and moved to Australia in 2003 for a chance at a better life. He immediately developed an appetite for cross-cultural communication and awareness, coming from a very diverse background across faith, language and culture himself. He has 5 years’ experience working in the social enterprise space, and has a postgraduate degree in Middle Eastern and Central Asian studies.


Chantelle_Ogilvie_80x120.JPGOrganiser – Asylum Seekers (part time) - Chantelle Ogilvie-Ellis

Chantelle rejoins the team. 





Liuanga_Palu_80_120.jpgCommunity Organiser (part time) - Liuanga Palu

Being introduced to the world of Community Organising as a Sydney Alliance intern in 2010, Liuanga Palu joins the Sydney Alliance team 5 years later as a the Inner West Pacific Community Organiser. Liuanga has a vast and diverse working experience and just recently graduated with a Commerce degree (majoring in Human Resource Management). On a part-time basis she will be organising the Sydney Pacific Youth community and Inner West district as well as focusing on organisational renewal within Marrickville Uniting Church. Since 2011 Liuanga has played a key role in founding the first ever ‘Young Christian Pacific Islander Organising Action group’ in Sydney known as P.I Ignite (along with the support of Sydney Alliance, The Uniting Church of Australia and Youth Action) which focuses on uniting young pacific islanders together into One Fellowship and building relationships within and amongst our pacific communities to help make an impact for change for our youth and future generations.


Administrative Staff:

Lils_profile.jpgOffice Manager - Liliana Capacchione

Liliana has been an administrator with the Sydney Alliance since mid 2009. She has worked in both private and government employment, with the Sydney Alliance as her first foray into the not-for profit sector.  Liliana manages the Sydney Alliance office part-time 3 days per week. Her role encompasses all administrative tasks – from reception, event management, database management, office supplies, to assisting the community organisers.


Maggie_Galley_80x120.jpgAccounts Officer - Maggie Galley

Maggie is no stranger to the not for profit industry having worked in a number of not for profit organizations over her working life. Her passion has been to work for organizations that had a purpose to make a better world. Maggie feels that she has landed a jackpot working for Sydney Alliance and loves the diversity of the groups that are part of Sydney Alliance. Maggie works 1 1/2 days a week in keeping the Sydney Alliance accounts in order. Maggie also works voluntarily as a member of an international Christian peace group.