Foundations Training (2 Day)

What is the 2 Day Foundations Training?

Sydney_Alliance_Paramatta_9-2009-1092.jpgThe Sydney Alliance is a citizens’ coalition whose mission is to provide our community with a voice to express our common values and aspirations for a fair and just Sydney.

The Alliance is broadly based across religious organisations, community organisations and unions establishing relationships that respect diversity while building a cohesive society.  The Alliance is a non-party political organisation.  Its primary purpose is the ability to act for the common good.

This 2 day Foundations Training explores why and how we are building this Alliance in Sydney. Partner organisations are encouraged to send individual leaders to participate. It is an important space for your leaders and members to connect with other organisations and to develop skills in Community Organising.

Organisations interested in exploring partnership of the Sydney Alliance are also encouraged to send individuals to participate in the Institute and to get a feel for the coalition.

This training is based on the philosophy and practices developed by the Industrial Areas Foundation in over 65 years of successful organising experience.  These ideas are translated to an Australian context. There is also a 6 day National Training program which runs as a residential course.

Topics at the 2 Day Foundations training include:

  • Community Organising:  based on the history and tradition of our religious, union and community organisations
  • Relational Organising:  individual relational meetings, listening assemblies, research, negotiation and action
  • Strengthening our Organisations: building a culture that is relational, action oriented and reflective/learning
  • Using Relational Power in the public sphere to take collaborative action on common issues.


When is the next Sydney Alliance 2 Day Training course?

When: Wed 15th & Thurs 16th August 2018

Where:  Parramatta Institute for Mission (1-5 Marion St, Blacktown NSW 2148)

Registration closes 8th August


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