National Training (6 Day)

What is the 6 Day National Training?

IMG_4151.JPGThe 6 Day National Training is a program for people committed to understanding the craft of community organising - who want to play a key role in leading the activities of the Alliance inside their organisation and acting as a bridge between our member organisations.


The residential course builds a close community of leaders across participating civil society organisations that represent the diversity of our Alliances in Sydney and Queensland. The 6 Day National Training is also open to those seeding new Alliances in Canberra and across Australia.

Leaders are equipped with the tools they need to be more strategic and effective and to build and strengthen their organisations in the process. The course focuses on power, organisations, relationships and leadership.

The next confirmed 6 Day National Training will be July 21st-26 in Western Sydney. If you would like to attend this program please click here and download the Expression of Interest form.  

Pre-requisites for the 6 Day National Training program:



I have grown so much through the leadership insights and practice the Alliance gives.  Most of us would have experienced if not heard of ‘the elegant tenacity of the status quo’ so aptly coined by Ron Heifetz of Adaptive Leadership fame. The 6 Day National Training on Community Organising arranged by the Sydney Alliance is intense, transformative and long enough to get some shift in our own practices and thinking. Most importantly it is an opportunity to engage with other leaders in the Community Services sector for shared learning and developing strategic relationships. The leadership insights and practice the Alliance gives have been pivotal in the development of my own leadership capacities.

 - Rev Garry Derkenne, former Chaplain, Uniting

The 6 Day training uncovers some of the deep-seated values and assumptions that form the foundations of our society, and inform our own thinking.  Awareness of these issues creates the potential for change that would previously have been impossible...paradigm changing!

 - Rev Mike McGarrity, Mission Leader, Connect Community Church NSW

The 6 Day training is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Amazing people as trainers and participants.

- Frank Watson, Quakers/Canberra Alliance

This was a very significant event for me.  From beginning to end it was well managed and presented and the topics were fresh and highly relevant.

I am a reasonably hardened and experienced academic and have been involved in teaching, reserach, seminars and conferences for over 50 years.  The training program ranks among the outstanding learning experiences of my career.  Clearly this is a program that has worked well in many settings.  And the presenters were confident of both the content of their presentations and the style in which they were presenting.

I found it particularly valuable to be involved in a sharing of ideas and discussion of their application to my own setting and to engage actively with the very diversely talented group who were my fellow students.  Thanks to all concerned in mounting it.

- Bob Douglas AO, Professor Emeritus of ANU/Canberra Alliance 

When is the next 6 Day National Training course?

When: Sun 21st July to Fri 26th July 2019

Where:  Winbourne Retreat Centre, Mulgoa NSW. 

Contact David Barrow for more information.

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