Alliance call for more human eyes on Sydney stations


Sydney Alliance is concerned about the further removal of security staff from train stations as reported in today’s Daily Telegraph article.

David Barrow, Lead Organiser said “to feel safe, Sydneysiders want a human pair of eyes on their train stations”.

“Alliance research found that having “guardians” of public space was important to changing that perception and increasing public transport use.  Far more important than CTV” he said.

The Alliance continues to call for customer service staff at every major interchange train station from the first train in the morning until the last train at night.

 Customer service staff help to improve access to public transport by making passengers feel safe.

Sydney Alliance’s qualitative research from 2012, evidence from the UK as well as face-to-face conversations with over 7000 people found that the perception of lack of safety was one of the top issues that stopped people from using public transport more often.

The Sydney Alliance represents 42 organisations across faith, community, schools and unions, representing commuters from all walks of life and also those who work on the railways.

The Sydney Alliance has a formula for transport for public transport: 400:15:1 SCA2

  • 400 meters from where you live or work
  • Come every 15 mins
  • Use 1 ticket
  • Be Safe, Clean, Affordable and Accessible


Transport Campaign coordinator Associate Proffessor Kurt Iverson is overseas.

Media inquiries to Lead Organiser David Barrow: 0416 028 001
Samara Barchet, Community Organiser- 0431 880 430

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