The Sydney Alliance is a diverse coalition of community organisations, religious organisations, unions and schools that uses the tools of community organising to make the city a better place to live.  The idea of building a Sydney Alliance was first raised in May 2007, and by November that same year was financially supported by 13 organisations.  The Alliance launched with 45 partner organisations on 15 September 2011.The Alliance has three goals.  We work with our partner organisations to:

  1. Increase and strengthen the leadership capacity of their members, their leaders, and staff.
  2. Deepen the relationships across civil society by strengthening the relationships between our partner organisations.
  3. Act for the ‘Common Good’.

Below are 4 ways you could be involved in Sydney Alliance in 2018

Sydney has an abundance of resources, but they are not evenly shared.
Over the last ten years, we’ve seen Sydney become a harsher, hotter, less affordable city. 
We’ve seen rents, power bills, temperatures and rates of precarious work go up.
Time with family, security of work, security of housing has gone down. 

Is this the city we want for the next generation?
Changing the city in 2018 is up to everyday people.

Pollies aren't going to do it for us. 
There are four areas of focus this year:
Work, Power, Homes & Heart. The first step is making contact with an organiser for a coffee...


 Save Our Weekend!
Work: Join the Save-Our-Weekend Action Team
Issue: Penalty rates
Campaign: Reverse the cut to penalty rates on weekends, so everyone can enjoy family & community time.
Target: Federal Government & Opposition
Based in: Lidcombe, Strathfield, Burwood, Rhodes, and Concord.
Involves: training, intentional conversations, organising events locally between February-July
Step up: Email


 Voices For Power!

Power: Host a Voices-For-Power table talk
Campaign: Organising with Sydney's migrant communities on low-income access to affordable and renewable power. 
Involves: Supporting or organising a conversation event with food between February-May with Sydney's migrant & religious communities. Lead up to the first conference in June/July. 
Particularly: Pacific, Filipino, Vietnamese, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Middle East Christian groups. 
Based: Anywhere in Sydney, particularly Western Sydney. 
Step up: Email



 Affordable & Secure Housing!

Homes: Join the Affordable Housing Action Team
Issue: Affordable & Secure rental housing
Campaign: Winning affordable rental housing targets in new developments and security of tenure for renters ahead of the 2019 NSW election. 
Target: NSW Government
Involves: Organising community conversations in Penrith on March 17th, community lobbying, actions with local councils & media engagement. Regular action meetings. 
Based: Anywhere in Sydney, meetings in City & Parramatta
Step up: Email to Housing Team Chair 



Change the Conversations!
Heart: Join the People-Seeking-Asylum Research-Action Team 
Issue: the welfare of people seeking asylum and refuge in Sydney
Campaign: Discerning over the next month after the success of the last two campaigns.
Involves: Research, working with people-seeking-asylum and refuge, face-to-face meetings with experts, bureaucrats, community groups and politicians, media engagement
Step up: Email to