Political parties in NSW are seeing that tackling housing affordability is not just good policy, but also good politics.

Sydney Alliance spokesperson Magnus Linder said that today’s announcement by NSW Labor showed there is finally bipartisan support for ‘inclusionary zoning’.

“Homeseekers in Sydney know full well the frustration on being out-bid at an auction, and the feeling that the dream of home ownership is permanently out of reach.

“So it’s great to see a new type of auction in Sydney – an auction where political parties compete with each other to win community support for their affordable housing policies,” he said.

The numbers:

Sydney Alliance welcomes Labor’s commitment to the 15% inclusion of affordable housing on new developments on private land and 25% on government land.

Last week Parramatta Council made a commitment to 10% inclusion on private land.

The Greater Sydney Commission had committed to 5-10%. However this proportion is only on the zoning uplift and only if "viable".

If not increased, this may see the total proprtion of affordable housing delivered in a new development at only 2-3% which is unacceptable in a city where affordable housing has become the number one political priority and where low-to-moderate income earners can no longer afford to live anywhere near where they work.

The Alliance looks to the NSW Government and Greater Sydney Commission to raise their commitment to 15%. London has inclusionary zoning targets of up to 50% while New York is set at 20%.

“In just a decade, median rents in the Greater Sydney Area have increased by more than 73 per cent,” Magnus Linder said.

“Nearly all of us are affected in some way by a housing market that has gone out of control. That’s why provision of affordable rental housing will continue to be a hot issue in NSW, and why no politician can afford to ignore it.”

The Sydney Alliance has been advocating for a minimum requirement of 15 per cent of new developments on private up-zoned land to be designated for affordable housing, and 30 per cent on government land.

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