In the last five years Sydney house prices have increased by 70%, yet average income has only grown by 13%. 

And with our city's population expected to double in 40 years, stronger targets for affordable housing could not be more critical.

As former NSW Premier Nick Greiner said if we do not act, “the Australian dream will increasingly become out of reach for people in the lowest 40 per cent of incomes.”

By signing the petition, you’ll help push for stronger targets on affordable housing across Sydney and call on the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) to commit to:

  • Affordable housing (Inclusionary Zoning) of at least 15% on private land and at least 30% on government land.
  • Targets applied to the whole development and not just the uplift.
  • Eligibility for affordable housing outlined in the GSC Plans to include people on very low, low and moderate incomes and take account of family circumstances.
  • Accountable government. Clear and transparent viability criteria on new development.

 So thank you for signing the petition, and helping to advance the common good for a fair, just and sustainable Sydney!

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