People Seeking Asylum

People seeking asylum are some of the most vulnerable people in Sydney. We hope to change the conversation on Asylum seekers in Sydney and improve the lives of Asylum seekers in Sydney. We aim to do this though:

Changing the Conversation on People Seeking Asylum

discussion.jpgA program of "table talks" events inside civil society organisations, which provide an opportunity for asylum seekers to share their personal stories and for members, staff and volunteers to explore their questions and concerns about asylum seeker policy in a safe, respectful space.

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Improving The Lives Of People Seeking Asylum

Bookmarks_Young_People_Trades_Hall_2016.jpgThe Sydney Alliance campaigns on specific issues to improve the lives of people seeking asylum. These campaigns complement the advocacy of service providers in the refugee sector by drawing together everyday people to stand in solidarity with newcomers to Australia. Our campaigns are led by members of our partner organisations, and by people seeking asylum and refugees.

These campaigns have met with success. In 2015, together with the Asylum Seeker Interagency (ASI) we secured transport concessions for people seeking asylum living in our state. For many people seeking asylum this was the beginning of being able to get around Sydney, to participate in community life, and access education, work and services.

In 2016, again with ASI, we persuaded the NSW Government to offer free TAFE to people seeking asylum and refugees. Prior to this people seeking asylum were considered international students, putting education out of reach.

From 2018 the People Seeking Asylum Team is running two campaigns:

  • A Federal Campaign for fair process and permanent protection. These two changes are critical to allow people seeking asylum who live in our city to heal, rebuild and contribute.
  • An Early Childhood Education and Care Campaign targeting local and state governments.

To get involved in these campaigns contact Chantelle Ogilvie-Ellis on 0412 876 630 or [email protected]

What Next?

There are several ways in which you can immerse yourself in the conversation.  There are volunteering opportunities; listening to stories and testimonials from refugees; and accessing the information services set up for asylum seekers.

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For more information contact Chantelle Ogilvie-Ellis on 0412 876 630 or [email protected]

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