Call for NSW Government to boost transport-accessible affordable housing after Report

An alliance of community organisations across Sydney has urged the NSW Government to urgently increase its target for affordable housing accessible to public transport, after a new report said the city was being let down in both areas.

The Sydney Alliance of more than 40 not-for-profit cultural/linguistic, education, faith and trade union organisations was commenting on a report, Creating Liveable Cities in Australia, released today by RMIT University’s Centre for Urban Research.

The report showed only 2% of Sydney suburbs, and 38% of homes, met government targets for public transport access.

The report also pointed to a need for improvements in housing affordability across Greater Sydney, as many households had to choose between affordable housing and adequate public transport and infrastructure accessibility.

Commenting on the report, Magnus Linder, co-chair of the Sydney Alliance Housing Team, said: “To be feasible for communities, public transport needs to pass within 400 metres, come at least every 15 minutes and offer a one-ticket route to the destination.

The NSW Government should apply that formula across Sydney – and fix the gaps.”

Mr Linder added: “The harsh reality is that for millions of Sydneysiders, it comes down to a choice between affordability and transport.

The only rental housing that’s affordable to them is in areas without adequate public transport.

Opportunities to improve this are being bypassed almost every day. For example, earlier this month the government’s Landcom released plan to build 11,000 new homes over ten years around the northwest Metro line – but only 5% will be lower-income-affordable.

That’s just 55 homes a year – when government and other experts have estimated at least 8,000-12,000 new affordable homes a year need to be built to even avoid Sydney’s affordability crisis going backwards.

Sydney may be still Australia’s leading city – but that status is under threat when our housing is now the second-least affordable in the world, after only Hong Kong.”

For Comment:   Magnus Linder, Co-chair, Sydney Alliance Housing Team: 0417 487 052
Alternative Contact: David Barrow, Lead Organiser, Sydney Alliance: 0416 028 001​

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