CHOICE_1.JPGUnder a specific Uniting Church grant, Sydney Alliance’s partner organisation Marrickville Uniting Church has been resourcing training program called CHOICE.

CHOICE is a pilot and unique cultural & faith-based training and development program for young Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander and Pacific Islander young people. CHOICE was developed and facilitated by First People’s Community Organiser Warren Roberts, and Pacific Community Organiser Liuanga Palu.

CHOICE is delivered through 2 hour workshops that run weekly for 11 weeks.

The training content focuses on teaching community organising principles and universals familiar within the IAF/Sydney Alliance organising tradition and from traditional Aboriginal and Pacific Islander cultural perspectives. 


It's also learning how young people can reflect on their stories, values and individual faith that can be channeled into meaningful public action. CHOICE graduates can then choose to transition into Sydney Alliance actions/campaigns/districts or to develop and work on personal projects with their relative communities.

CHOICE aims to target participants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Pacific Islander descent aged between 18-26 years old. 

For all enquiries please contact CHOICE organisers:

Liuanga Palu - [email protected] 

Warren Roberts - [email protected] 

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