'Western Sydney City Deal a failure if it omits Affordable Rental Housing' responds Sydney Alliance

"The Western Sydney City Deal announced today is not what it could and should be. Effective plans for affordable rental housing for the Western Sydney City Deal appears to be a major short-sighted omission" said Magnus Linder, Chair of the Sydney Alliance Housing Team. 

The Sydney Alliance is the city's largest coalition of faith, union and community groups representing hundreds of thousands of Sydneysiders.

Affordable housing has fallen off the policy radar despite repeated assurances by NSW and Commonwealth Ministers that affordable rental housing would form an integral part of the Western Sydney City Deal agreement.

"8,000 affordable rental homes (ARH) are currently needed every year. We hope that the omission of specific inclusion of ARH in today's announcement will not be the final position of participating government. If it is, this deal offers very little for the hundreds of thousands of low income households in Sydney" he said. 

On affordable home ownership Linder says "Unless there is a concerted effort, land speculation accompanying the billions of taxpayer investment will inevitably trigger the greatest loss of affordable housing in Australia’s history. The last remaining place in Sydney where working Australians could get a foothold on the housing ladder will be lost, probably forever." 
"The Western Sydney City Deal website proudly proclaims that the most successful City Deals deliver the best outcomes for the local community when they bring together a shared vision for growth, reform and improvement. Again and again the local community has articulated their number one priority for all future development in Sydney - affordable housing. It is absent. We urge this to be rectified immediately" he said.
For further comment: Magnus Linder, Chair, Sydney Alliance Housing Team 0417 487 052
Back up: David Barrow, Lead Organiser, 0416 028 001

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