Code of Conduct

  1. We behave openly and honestly, towards each other, making integrity in word and deed the foundation of our relationships.
  2. We accept that diverse member organisations won’t always agree but we focus on the values that we share.
  3. We work in good faith and consult, negotiate and compromise wherever possible to find and preserve common ground.
  4. We try as far as possible to reach decisions by consensus.
  5. We treat each other with mutual respect at all times.
  6. We do not allow religious, political or other differences to cause divisiveness in the Alliance.
  7. If we foresee that our statements or activities outside the Alliance are likely to be contentious for some Alliance members, we show respect by giving the relevant Alliance members fair notice.
  8. We recognise that each Alliance partner will continue to promote its respective organisational objects and may from time to time communicate for that purpose with other Alliance partners.  But we do not use Alliance distribution lists or forums for other than Alliance business.  If we wish to communicate with Alliance members about matters that are not approved by Alliance procedures as Alliance business, we do so on a one-to-one basis outside of the Alliance.
  9. We accept that the Sydney Alliance brand may be used only for activities that have been approved by the Sydney Alliance Council.
  10. We recognise that one or more Alliance partners may from time to time cooperate in joint activities, within a District or part of a District or across the whole or parts of Sydney.  But we do not describe or refer to such activities as Alliance activities unless and until we have approval to do so from the Sydney Alliance Council.  Such approval may be sought by providing the Lead Organiser with a brief activity overview for inclusion in the Lead Organiser's regular monthly report.  Partner organisations will have not less than two weeks to raise any issues or concerns and the question of approval can then be dealt with by the Sydney Alliance Council at a meeting or by email.