Changing the Conversation

"Changing the Conversation about Asylum Seekers" campaign is a program of "table talks" events inside civil society organisations, which provide an opportunity for asylum seekers to share their personal stories and for members, staff and volunteers to explore their questions and concerns about asylum seeker policy in a safe, respectful space.

Since 2015, the Sydney Alliance has worked with its partners to host more than 60 table talks, reaching more than 6500 people who have heard an asylum seeker share their personal story first hand. Many organisations have reported to us the impact this has made, from stories of individuals changing their minds, to whole communities activated to stand with asylum seekers by speaking out to politicians, as well as through direct service.

Download an overview here.

How to host a table talk event

1. Contact us

Contact Chantelle Ogilvie-Ellis on 0412 876 630 or [email protected] and she will put you in contact with one of our facilitators

2. Organise a date, time and place

This could be after a service, in a staff meeting or even during a class! Choose what works best for your organisation

3. Start inviting your people

This could be parishioners, colleagues or even friends and family

4. Think about how your community could support asylum seekers in the future

We don’t believe in having one off events. At the end of table talk we invite all participants to take action on an option that suits them.

5. Have the table talk event

Our trained team will work with you to host these

6.  Take action!

Follow up on and put into action the activities participants committed to


For more information contact Chantelle Ogilvie-Ellis on 0412 876 630 or [email protected].


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