Governments warned: 'Ignore Sydney housing affordability crisis at your peril'

The Sydney Alliance of community organisations has called on Federal, NSW and local government to introduce urgent measures to halt the alarming rise of housing stress across Sydney - shown in a new survey.

The Alliance, of more than 40 not-for-profit cultural/linguistic, education, faith and trade union organisations was commenting on the latest Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey released today by the Melbourne Institute.

“The survey findings are of great concern to us”, says Magnus Linder, Co-Chair of the Sydney Alliance Affordable Housing Action Team.

“Sydney has the worst housing stress in Australia - one in eight low-to-middle-income earners across our city now have to spend more than 30% of their income on keeping a roof over their heads.

Housing is set to be a red-hot issue in forthcoming federal and NSW elections. Not just renters are concerned – their families, employers, whole communities are looking for meaningful reforms.

Marginal electorates are especially feeling the pain, especially people living in flats – our recent survey in marginal Penrith showed a large majority of people concerned about housing affordability and security, and they don’t feel the government is doing enough.

With the HILDA survey showing household incomes stalled, home ownership slumping and more people renting, it’s absolutely critical that the NSW Government take effective action to boost affordable rentals and make them more secure; the Federal Government needs to accelerate tax and other reforms to give renters a better deal; and local councils must adopt or improve their affordability targets.

Sydneysiders are not content to see our families driven apart, our essential workers pushed out of the city and subjected to long commutes, our welfare and transport and infrastructure at breaking point because of housing stress.

Sydney currently needs to build at least 12,000 a year new affordable homes to even stop this crisis going backwards. New developments must include more significant affordability components.

This is a top priority issue, and all parties and candidates need to show voters that they’re prepared to act quickly and effectively to fix it.”  

Comment:   Magnus Linder, Co-Chair, Sydney Alliance Housing Action Team: 0417 487 052
Alternative Contact: David Barrow, Lead Organiser, Sydney Alliance: 0416 028 001​

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