Our Submission to the Greater Sydney Commission

We would like your organisation to join the growing list of organisations from across Sydney in supporting the Sydney Alliance Submission to the Greater Sydney Commission.

The Sydney Alliance has authored and submitted a submission to the Greater Sydney Commission Draft District Plans on March 31st, 2017.  

These plans will affect all of our children for generations.

As you have no doubt seen in the media, the issue of housing affordability is affecting all different parts of Sydney’s society; young and old, rich and poor; from Cowan to Katoomba to Heathcote.

The issue of housing is spilling out in many different ways -

  • Splitting families geographically and the effect on grand parenting and aging in place
  • Young people unable to move out of home
  • Financial pressure on Sydneysiders (and the effect this has on volunteering)
  • Workers unable to find housing close to their place of work
  • The exacerbation and pressure on crisis accommodation, domestic violence shelters and homelessness services

The effect of a disjointed public transport system and traffic congestion also exacerbate these pressures. 

The submission outlines how, the current plans' target to include a 5-10% inclusion of affordable housing on new developments, (subject to viability) is insufficient to tackle this issue.

This target is too low. We are inviting your organisation to join a vast array of organisations in calling for a higher target of 15% affordable housing on private land (30% on public land) and a globally recognised citizen-standard of public transport services.  Both of these recommendations are based on cities of comparable size around the world.

Even though the submission deadline is passed, the campaign is not over and the submission will be used in other meetings with MPs and others as the campaign continues. 

We're asking can your organisation to support the Alliance submission By:

  1. Agreeing to have your group's name (and logo if available) be printed alongside the many other ‘supporting organisations’. 

  2. Nominating an individual to be the contact point on this campaign.

If so, please send these details (name, logo, contact person), by email, to Natalie Martignago at [email protected] 

You can see the 122 organisations that have signed off so far here

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