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Campaigning Update:

Join us on March 17 at Affordable Housing: Penrith Speaks! as people from the Nepean Valley and across Sydney connect with their neighbors and turn up the heat on elected leaders to act now for secure and affordable homes.


Policy Update:

Submissions to the current Greater Sydney Commission Plans are due on December 15th. The Sydney Alliance Housing team has made a submission.  If your organisation didn't get a chance to endorse the March 31st 2017 Submission, and would like to endorse this one please contact David on the contact below.


In Late 2017 & Early 2018 the Housing Team has met with Landcorp, Premier's Office, Greater Sydney Commission and the UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation about forwarding this agenda.


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We all know that Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world for housing. Throughout our listening campaigns, people from across Sydney were concerned about the lack of affordable housing and homelessness.

Since 2013 The Sydney Alliance has called on the NSW Government to supports action on affordable housing through a plan, with numerical targets, to increase the supply of social and affordable housing in NSW.

While targets are not the only way to create affordable housing, they are scalable, specific and enforceable and one of the most effective policies the NSW Government has the power to implement. At this assembly these asks are our singular focus.

The Sydney Alliance is calling on the NSW Government to introduce 'Inclusionary Zoning' for affordable housing.

The current Greater Sydney Commission draft district plans are highly inadequate to meet the needs of the current housing crisis.

You can read the March 31st Alliance 4-page submission to the Greater Sydney Commission, with the support of 122 organisations. 

In summary:

The Asks

GSC Draft District Plans: Sydney Alliance:
5-10% 15% on Private Land30% on Public land
% is applied to the ‘uplift’ % is applied to the whole development
Very Low and Low income households eligible for Affordable Housing Very Low, Low and Moderate income households eligible for Affordable Housing
No clear process for assessing whether a new development is ‘viable’ for affordable housing. Unrortable process: Clear, transparent viability criteria, that start from a presumption that new developments will be viable for affordable housing.



Affordable (rental) housing is housing that is appropriate for the needs of very low to moderate income households and is priced so that these households are also able to meet other basic living costs such as food, clothing, transport, medical care and education.

** Note this definition is different to past definitions where affordable housing was simply 20% below market rate.

** Community Housing Providers have 30 years’ experience running affordable housing and have very sophisticated processes for ensuring that it goes to those eligible.

Targets / Inclusionary zoning is the policy of including a % of affordable housing in every new development. Targets in the GSC plans are specific and enforceable through the planning system.

This Youtube from the USA explains the basics.

Want more detail? check out this summary by Shelter NSW

Greater Sydney Commission (GSC): The Greater Sydney Commission is responsible for metropolitan planning in a partnership between State and local government. Their recent draft plans included a target for affordable housing of 5-10%. These draft plans have statutory power. The revised draft plans were released 26th October and retained the same number. 


Find out more and get involved by contacting David Barrow on 0416 028 001 or

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