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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Dear Housing Coordinator – Sydney Alliance
We would first like to acknowledge the work you do for MORE housing and register our appreciation. We are a community group of public housing tenants and residents of Sydney who have been alarmed at the destruction of public housing in NSW. We hold meetings on alternative months in Surry Hills and Campbelltown and organize in support of the public housing in NSW.
We have a very important event coming up on Aug 16. We, along with as many people as we can muster are going to hold a demonstration outside the NSW Parliament in Macquarie St at 12 noon. We intend to have the reps from the Greens and the ALP as well as the independent Alex Greenwich so we need to give those Parliamentarians the strongest message possible that we need MORE housing and for the Government to invest in housing.
We ask for one very small favour – namely that you would put the graphic of the demo on your social media at least once in next few days.
The need is great please help.

Denis Doherty
Front page of yesterday’s smh