How does M4 Park & Ride fit in with broader transport planning and the WestConnex project?

  • The Parramatta Road Corridor (Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to 2031).  The M4 Park & Ride project would improve transport options along the Corridor.
  • WestConnex urban revitalisation plan.  This aims to improve Parramatta Road and make it a more pleasant place to be. M4 Park & Ride would contribute to this as it would reduce the total number of cars using Parramatta Road/WestConnex and thus result in less traffic congestion.
  • NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan.
    • Section 5.5.1 of the plan focuses on “[building] or [upgrading] commuter car parks [sic] interchanges in Greater Sydney”. M4 Park & Ride could be added to the specific proposals already outlined.
    • Section 1.4.2 of the plan focuses on “supporting Sydney as Australia’s only global city”. The M4 Park & Ride will support Sydney’s role as a global city by improving transport options from Western Sydney to the CBD.

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