How many people will this affect?


Roughly 8000 people per day commute by car only from Western Sydney to the city or North Sydney.  A further 4000 travel by car and train (i.e. they already ‘park and ride’).  The M4 Park and Ride proposal would primarily assist those who currently drive all the way to the city, providing them with a convenient way to leave their home by car (particularly important for those who live in areas with limited public transport) but leave their car outside the city and avoid traffic on the CBD approaches by switching to the train . Those who already ‘park and ride’ would also benefit from having a hub specifically designed to suit their needs, with more parking and also facilities such as shopping, childcare etc.

(Above statistics are based on journeys that commence in the Penrith, Parramatta, Auburn, Blacktown, Holroyd or Fairfield LGAs. Source: 2011 Census—Journey to Work.)

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