-NOW CLOSED- Say no to an increase in Opal fares!

As of Friday 5th February, 4pm, submissions for this review have now closed. We will not be submitting any new stories. 

IPART is due to hand down its recommendations in March 2016. If you'd like to be kept up to date please submit your email address below.



The Sydney Alliance Transport Team

There is a review into fares on public transport and it closes this Friday February 5th. We need to send a powerful message to the Independent Pricing and Review Tribunal (IPART) and to the Transport Minister that Sydneysiders demand affordable public transport. 

We need to challenge the assumption that affordable public transport is optional for a global city like Sydney. Here are some of their recommendations:

  • Fare increase of 8% in real terms over three years – this compares to its last determination in 2012, which recommended price increases of 4% in real terms over three years;
  • Changes to Opal Gold card eligibility arrangements, which would see older people who are not pensioners forced to pay full fares for travel (rather than the $2.50 cap that all seniors currently pay);
  • Increases to the Opal Gold card cap – from $2.50 up to $4.00 by 2018;
  • Increase the daily fare cap – which is currently $15 for full fare travel – to $18 in 2016, with further cap increases of $1 per year thereafter.  This will see the cap go up to $20 by 2020.  This has flow-on effects for concession card holders.
  • Abolish the current Sunday daily fare cap of $2.50 for everyone and replace it with a weekend cap of $7.20 in 2016, increasing to $8.00 in 2018.  This would increase the cost of taking a family of four out for the day from $10 to a potential $32 in 2018.
  • Instead of getting free travel for the rest of the week from the first 8 trips, IPART recommends it be after the 10 most expensive trips in a week. What does that mean? If you commute everyday you lose the discount (and therefore much of the incentive to travel via public transport every day).
  • Rejection of proposal to extend off-peak travel concessions to bus commuters.

Thanks to our friends at NCOSS who helped us go through the report with a fine toothed comb.

Please send through your story before 12pm this Friday February 5th as we'll compile all your stories and send them off as the Sydney Alliance's submission.