Would you like to help Sydney become a fair, just and sustainable city?

That’s the mission of Sydney Alliance, a coalition of diverse organisations across all of civil society. 

Individuals can join Sydney Alliance by making a donation of $20 per month, or more.
As a 'Friend' you gain access to organising training and exciting campaigns that are shifting outcomes in Sydney, For example;

  • Affordable housing
  • Renewable energy
  • Asylum seekers and refugees
  • Protecting weekends and public holidays

Become a Friend of the Sydney Alliance 


Joining the Alliance as a partner organisation is a commitment to act together within the mission:

“The Sydney Alliance brings together diverse community organisations, unions and religious organisations to advance the common good and achieve a fair, just and sustainable city. We do this by providing opportunities for people to have a say in decisions that affect them, their families and everyone working and living in Sydney. The Sydney Alliance is a strictly non-party political organisation. The Alliance accepts no government funding to remain independent.“



Becoming a partner organisation

Contact Lead Organiser David Barrow, 0416028001, to find out more.


13 Benefits of becoming a Partner Organisation with Sydney Alliance

  1. Action for the Common Good of Sydney and NSW
  2. Participation of your organisation in campaigns for the common good.
  3. Decisions A seat at the table deciding what and how the Sydney Alliance takes action
  4. Recognition of your organisation's leadership role by civil society.
  5. Permanent, long-term framework for relationship building: beyond short term and transactional relationships.
  6. New allies, Building relational trust with colleagues, identify common mutual areas, act together  
  7. Leadership development &access to strategic insight and professional skills of Alliance organising staff.
  8. Foundations Training, access to the introductory community organising course at no cost for members, staff and stakeholders of partner organisation.
  9. National Training, access to the advanced training in community organising. The masterclass in understanding power, leadership, relationships, organisation, interests and action.
  10. Tailored organising training for your organisation across a range of topics including: membership & leadership development, organising around change, relational meetings, listening, discernment, research & action and evaluation.
  11. Young Leaders - engagement opportunities for emerging and young leaders from your organisation in the Sydney Alliance internship program; An organised and well regarded long term experience of community organising
  12. Power to shift policy on the Agenda for the Common Good: Work-life balance, affordable and renewable power, affordable housing and welcome with refugees and people-seeking-asylum. 
  13. Postcode2020, an ambitions new listening campaign starting next year...



Why now?

Sydney Alliance is growing, recruiting many new organisations interested and excited to develop the relational-power of their members. Be part of a powerful new phase of Sydney's story starting with Postcode 2020 early nextyear. 




“Partner Organisations are strengthened as they give their members the experience of reshaping society.  In the process, individuals grow and develop as leaders, become full democratic citizens and learn to speak and act with others on their own behalf.  We build grassroots power that respects the contribution and dignity of all people, based on our Agenda for the Common Good which arises from listening and discernment across the partner organisations.” Dr Amanda Tattersall, Founder of the Sydney Alliance, Founding Assembly 2011.


Organisational Dues

The Sydney Alliance receives no government funding, enabling it to remain independent.


Size Rationale Annual Contribution


 Organisations with no staff or a local religious community of a denomination that is already in membership with 1-2   staff, small schools.



Members receive free access to Foundations Training and recognition as a Sydney Alliance partner.

Weekly summary of Alliance opportunities, news, action and training.

$250 + GST


 Community sector organisations with 2-6   staff or severely limited untied funding.   Religious organisations of equivalent size, large schools.


As above, with voting rights at the Sydney Alliance Council. $1560 + GST


 Large or peak community organisations or religious organisations of equivalent size. 

As above. $2700 + GST

 Base Funding

 Unions, large religious denominations,   community housing providers & large community organisations.

As above. Dues negotiated based on the capacity to contribute.  



Becoming a partner organisation

Contact Lead Organiser David Barrow, 0416028001, to find out more.

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