You are invited to an inspiring, powerful action for concrete change on affordable housing and public transport. This action takes place on the evening of May 4th.

Sydney Alliance Assembly on Affordable Housing & Public Transport

May 4th, 6:30pm-8:15pm
Venue: Eastwood Uniting Church, 14-16 Lakeside Rd, Eastwood 2122


The NSW Planning & Housing Minister, Anthony Roberts MP has the power to make affordable housing a reality in NSW.
This morning Alliance leaders confirmed that he will attend on May 4th. 

Will you attend May 4th to physically demonstrate your support for affordable housing and better public transport?

The purpose of the Assembly is to demonstrate to the Minister the breadthdepth, and diversity of support for the Alliance submission to the Greater Sydney Commission. (The submission was sent on Friday March 31st with 120 organisations signed on).

The plans of the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) will affect all of our children for generations. The issue of housing affordability is affecting all different parts of Sydney's society; young and old, rich and poor, from Cowan to Katoomba to Heathcote. Public support for higher targets by the Minister in the would count for a lot as the GSC finalise their plans. 

The submission outlines how the current GSC plans to include a 5-10% inclusion of affordable housing on new developments, (subject to viability) is an insufficient target to tackle this issue. This target is too low. We are calling for a higher target of 15% on private land and 30% on public land and globally recognised citizen standard of public transport services. Both of these standards are pegged to cities of comparable size around the world.

Decisions are made by those that show up. Will you and your organisation be counted? Register now

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