Sydney Region Plan: more motherhood statements, no grit to address Sydney’s affordable housing crisis.



Magnus Linder, Chair of the Sydney Alliance Housing Team responds to today’s release of the Greater Sydney Regional Plan :

 “Today we wanted to see the release of the final District plans, with specific, enforceable targets for affordable rental housing in new developments. Instead we have more motherhood statements in the draft Greater Sydney regional plan” he said.

“While this plan does recognise the desperate need for affordable housing for low and very low-income families, unlike the draft regional plans released in March, today’s plan contains no targets” he said.

“The plan again fails to set real targets for households on moderate incomes, though it lays out some strategies” he said.

“The Sydney Alliance is concerned that today’s plan reiterates a target that is too low to address the crisis (5-10%) and lacks teeth to ensure land speculators don’t rort the system claiming developments aren’t viable for affordable housing” he said.

A year ago the draft plans had the same number. “The debate has progressed but the number hasn’t” Magnus said.

“The Alliance reiterates the call of over 600’000 Sydneysiders to see affordable rental housing target of 15% on private land and 30% on public land and clear, tight guidelines to avoid rorts” he said.

 “The revelations made in the Daily Telegraph today about the Premier and the NSW Planning Minister are a regrettable distraction from the failure so far of this Government to promptly legislate for affordable rental housing for low income communities” he said.


Who are we?

Sydney Alliance is a non-partisan coalition of organisations representing over 600’000 Sydneysiders active in churches, mosques, synagogues, charities, unions and community groups. Over 130 Organisations signed-on to higher targets for affordable housing.


“We suspect the Government is spooked by anti-density voices in the community and perhaps Cabinet” Magnus said.


Sydney Alliance want to say clearly to the NSW Government:


Communities can support appropriate density if affordable rental housing is included as part of the deal”.


Affordable housing is a must if density-done-well is to be achieved in this city”.


The Treasurer says he loves seeing cranes on the city horizon, but cranes won't help if they are only building luxury penthouses.  The key to tackling this crisis is increasing the supply of affordable homes” he said.



Magnus Linder, Chair Sydney Alliance Housing Team: 0417 487 052

Back up contact David Barrow, Lead Organiser Sydney Alliance: 0416 028 001

Case studies on affordable housing available upon request.

More information on Sydney Alliance at

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