The Sydney Alliance of community organisations has welcomed the recognition by the NSW Government that rental affordability is a priority in our city’s planning – but has called for clear numerical targets for affordable units in new developments.

The Alliance, of over 40 not-for-profit groups across Greater Sydney, has commended the acknowledgment by NSW Minister for Planning and Housing Anthony Roberts in media comments yesterday that long commute times enforced by high Sydney rents are “unacceptable”.

Said Magnus Linder, Chair of the Sydney Alliance Affordable Housing campaign team:

“The Minister is dead right. Sydney’s housing is the second least affordable in the world after only Hong Kong – our families and communities are under terrible stress.

“This is why we urge the Government and its Greater Sydney Commission to adopt meaningful and enforceable targets for the creation of lower-income-affordable rentals in new developments.

“This has been done in many cities all over the world, creating many thousands of new affordable homes – without adverse impacts on prices or supply.

“So there’s no reason it can’t also be done in Sydney, with the right approach by our state and local governments and the sort of planning expertise we have at our disposal.”

The Sydney Alliance has congratulated the Government for its move to boost, via its land and development agency Landcom, affordable rental housing for Sydney’s workers - with more affordable rentals for nurses, police officers, childcare workers and other critical services staff slated to become a priority in a slew of new developments around Sydney.

Says Magnus Linder:

“This is a breath of fresh air for many renters struggling in the Sydney rental market and those commuting to jobs from the outer fringes as well as from Wollongong and Newcastle because they can’t afford to rent closer in.

“We’re pleased that the Government has now made rental housing affordability a priority along with local infrastructure delivery and affordable home ownership."

We now need to see how Landcom will make this happen.

“To be effective, we need numerical targets for affordable rental housing at price points that lower income and moderate income households can afford.”


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