‘Give people stable roofs over their heads not more reports’ Sydney Alliance urges.

The announcement of a NSW state-based Productivity Commission that focuses, among its top priorities, on making housing more affordable is welcomeBut it must not be used as a reason to delay other government measures to increase the supply of affordable rental housing.’ said Magnus Linder, spokesperson for the Sydney Alliance.

‘There are many worthwhile things to investigate but not at the expense of the 8,000 affordable rental homes that we urgently need each year for those at risk of homelessness and to prevent the further loss of workers, like train drivers, that we need to keep Sydney running who can no longer afford to live in Sydney. ‘Whether it will eventually be seen, as a cynical exercise of the Government while actually sitting on its hands, or as a genuine attempt to discover more effective means of alleviating housing related poverty and creating a more productive society, only time will tell’. ‘The Premier and the NSW Government mustn’t use this new Commission as a reason to delay introducing Inclusionary Zoning for boosting affordable rental housing across Sydney. We need to act while opportunities in the current development boom abound. The Government’s unprecedented infrastructure investment is making a few landowners multi-millionaires overnight when the Government up-zones land to take advantage of nearby government-funded transport and community amenity.’‘It is only fair that the community gets an affordable rental housing dividend.’ urged Magnus Linder.

The Sydney Alliance, however, welcomes the emphasis by the new Commission on the user-centred outcomes approach that is responsive to users’ needs and the changing market.

‘However, truck-loads of research are all already showing we have a crisis that demands an urgent response.’ said Magnus

‘The needs of those most at risk of housing related poverty, private renters should take priority.’

For example, a long term study into how to keep and provide more of Western Sydney housing affordable is needed, now that Badgery’s Creek Airport is underway. But such things should not hold back practical steps today.

We say ‘give people roofs over people heads first, before more reports’.

Contact Chair of Sydney Alliance Housing Team: Magnus Linder,  0417 487 052
Back up contact: David Barrow, Lead Organiser Sydney Alliance, 0416 028 001

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