Northern Sydney - find your voice!

Sydney-Alliance-3.jpegReligious organisations, community groups and trade unions will be coming together to discuss issues that affect life in Northern Sydney, and to build a new movement for the common good.

The Northern Sydney Assembly

When: Thursday 30 October 2014, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Where:  Mercy Catholic College, Chatswood.




The Northern Sydney Assembly will hear from community leaders and local residents.

It will propose community-driven solutions to some of our most pressing problems, including:

  • The need for more affordable housing;
  • Fair treatment of refugees;
  • Improved palliative care; and
  • Access to local lymphoedema services.

This is our chance to show that Northern Sydney cares! 

RSVP to secure your place and make sure you’re there on October 30 for this important community event.



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