Affordable Homes at Olympic Park


Olympic Park Redvelopment 

Sign our petition to see affordable homes built at Olympic Park - not just million dollar apartments!

The NSW Planning Department is proposing a massive redevelopment for Olympic Park. The planning proposal closes on November 12th.

Right now, only 3% of the 6000 dwellings are ear-marked for affordable housing! The new proposal increases the dwellings to 10,700. But this massive increase in density doesn't increase fairness!

Olympic Park is the geographic and spiritual heart of the city. Nowhere else in Sydney better captures the spirit of a fair-go and equality. 

An increase in requirement of 30 percent affordable housing would deliver some 3,200 affordable-rental homes.

Since the NSW Government owns the land, the Planning Minister Rob Stokes can do this with the stroke of a pen. 


The Housing Crisis

Sydney is in the midst of a housing affordability crisis. 

There is a massive lack of accessible affordable housing in the NSW rental market, especially in Sydney. Many thousands can’t find or keep a stable home – making it harder to hold jobs, raise kids, get educated and stay physically and mentally healthy. Our homelessness shelters are seeing more and more people appear who actually have jobs – but cannot afford to find shelter.

Research shows renting a home is increasingly out of reach of people on lower incomes – especially when they have children to support, caring responsibilities or deal with disability.

Everyone is affected by this crisis- which breaks up families: young people must move far away from parents (and grand parenting) to set up a home for their new family; older people must move far away to find a place they can afford to retire to.

Lack of affordable housing is also wrecking community diversity, with many lower-income workers, including essential service workers, having to move to the outskirts or further to find affordable homes. Instead we want mixed suburbs where everyone can live, work and play. 


Olympic Park to lead again:

We are asking you to join us in a message to Sydney Olympic Park and the NSW Government that a much higher % of affordable housing should be built on the site!

It would serve as a powerful example for many more major developments across Sydney. Help us make Olympic Park the symbolic heart of Sydney once again.

Get more detail of the Alliance proposal here


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