Our Friends

Who Are the Friends of The Sydney Alliance?

Friends of Sydney Alliance (FoSA) raises funds to further the important work of the Sydney Alliance.

To become a Friend you can make a direct financial contribution and/or donate your time and skills to help raise funds.

Working as a team to design and implement a wide range of projects activities that include one-on-one meetings, fundraising events and a more strategic use of social media, FoSA is an integral collaborator in raising Sydney Alliance’s profile and fundraising capacity.

As a Friend you are able to participate in Sydney Alliance assemblies, research action groups, teams and training.auction.jpg


The benefits of being a Friend are best explained by existing Friends themselves:

"The Friends of Sydney Alliance are a terrific group of people – so many different backgrounds and skills plus fun to be with.  I’m learning a lot from them, meeting some very interesting people outside the FoSA network as well and I’m using my skills to make progress on Sydney-centred issues that I care about."  Deborah Burt.

"Thanks a million for making me aware of the Sydney Alliance. Firstly, I have to say "Wow". I really didn't expect such a wonderful vibe and the entertainment. It was well presented and represented. And, additionally, everything that is being done makes so much sense, and is inclusive of the majority of Sydneysiders.  This is one community group I'm happy to add my name to. I'll be happy to become a friend. I'm glad I came to see it for myself."  Sylvia Roder, (Communications consultant, coach and mentor) on the Bridging Sydney Assembly March 26, 2014

To become a Friend of The Sydney Alliance:


If you would like more information about the Sydney Alliance and how you can support its work, please email us at [email protected].