A gathering of Sydney Alliance leaders about the housing crisis has prompted the Mayor of Penrith, Cr John Thain, to invite the Sydney Alliance to educate the council about the growing unaffordability for renters in Greater Sydney.

Mayor Thain was speaking at a forum of more than 60 community and faith leaders from across Penrith, held at Penrith Uniting Church, at which speakers also included Federal Senator Doug Cameron (Lab) and NSW MP Jenny Leong (Greens).

'Sydney’s housing affordability crisis needs more sophisticated solutions than just increasing supply.' says Magnus Linder, Chair of the Sydney Alliance Housing Team.

‘Sydney has had record increases in supply for the last couple of years, but affordability has worsened not improved.’ he told the forum.

The Sydney Alliance is the city's largest coalition of faith, union and community groups representing hundreds of thousands of Sydneysiders.

Linder says that the Alliance has been consistently asking for 15% affordable-housing inclusion on private developments and 30% where the development is on government land.

The current plan in the Greater Sydney Commission District Plans is 5-10% on the uplift, only if viable.

‘This may in reality mean that we may see only 2-3% affordable housing in some areas of Sydney.’ Linder says.

‘The GSC’s own modelling shows that Sydney needs at least 8,000 units of affordable housing per year just to keep pace with the growth of the city and unfortunately these targets will not come anywhere close to delivering these numbers.’

In addition to high rental costs, tenants also battle insecurity. The NSW State Government’s review of tenancy rights has failed, after 2½ years of deliberation, to tighten tenancy rights.

‘Just last week,’ Linder says, ‘the Berejiklian government announced that they are not choosing to repeal archaic tenancy laws that allow landlords to move tenants on for no reason at all – often used as a punitive measure against tenants who have the temerity to ask for repairs.’


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