People power to create an irresistible force in the Nepean

2014-11-09_00.39.10.jpgToday’s Nepean Valley Assembly will bring together local religious groups, community organisations and trade unions to form a powerful voice for the Nepean region in the lead up to the 2015 NSW State Election.

Assembly Co-Chair Patrice Moriarty of Holy Spirit Parish, St Clair, said the Assembly would unite the Nepean region’s broad and diverse communities under a new agenda for the common good.

“Transport, jobs, housing and the new Western Sydney Airport are very important issues in our region, and they are also key issues for the Sydney Alliance.

“Without public transport, people can find it difficult to get to work and to hold down a regular job.

“Without a job people can find it hard to pay the spiraling cost of housing.

“And without access to affordable housing, people are forced to move further away from essential services such as transport.

“We need action from all levels of government to break this cycle, and to build a more inclusive, prosperous and supportive community.”

Assembly Co-Chair Bec Reidy of the Uniting Church  said that up to 100 people were expected to attend the Nepean Valley Assembly.

“The Sydney Alliance assemblies have shown the power of grass-roots political action.

“When people get together and work for the common good it can create an irresistible force.

“The Nepean Valley Assembly is chance to set the agenda, and to demand accountability from our political leaders.”

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