So, what next after the launch of the Election Agenda?

SydAll_Wordle_Word_Cloud.jpgSydney Alliance Assemblies are exciting events because they are remarkably large and diverse gatherings of community leaders. The Sydney Alliance brings together the people who are prepared to do the work to make the city a better place to live. So, if last night’s event peaked your interest, have a think about these avenues for action.

1. Getting more involved in your organisation

An active democracy is made up of vibrant civil society institutions that provide an anchor for individuals to think and act together. The best place to start is working out how you can get others in your organisation more actively connected to the Agenda for the Common Good.

The place to start is to host or be a participant in a “table talk.” Don’t wait to be asked – contact your organisation, your turnout coordinator or key contact and let them know. Then go ahead and host one! There is a booklet with more information about how to run a table talk.

2. Do some training in community organising

If you want to get some training about running table talks, or indeed, about community organsing more generally then the best place for you is signing up for our 2 Day Alliance Building. We have a training coming up in April and another in May. Find out more by clicking here. It’s a great way to learn about community organising as well as meet a bunch of talented community leaders from across the city.

3. Get involved in a campaign-action team

We are building three campaign teams to make concrete changes to Sydney’s transport, housing and job opportunities. You may want to get involved in the week to week work of a team, or to find out about major events and actions that the team is hosting.

First step is letting them know you are interested! Information about the teams and who to contact is on the website, go to:

* Transport

* Housing

* Working Start

sydney_metro.jpg4. Getting involved in a district team

Our districts are where Sydney Alliance people power meets our suburbs! These teams are made up of parishioners, community organisation members, unionists and other religious congregants who meet after-work hours to work for the common good in their local areas.

Each of these teams is slowly preparing to run local Assemblies in the second half of this year. There are plenty of roles to fill, anything from organising the event and logistics to running the proceedings. It’s a place where you learn more about how to act for the common good and connect with other community leaders you might not ordinarily meet.

You can find your district contact by clicking here.

5. Follow and share updates about our campaigns and work

You can get regular updates about Sydney Alliance activity on facebook, twitter or instagram or by joining our email list (in the sidebar).

6. Make a donation and become a Friend of the Sydney Alliance

While its our partner organisations that provide most of the resources to fund the work of the Alliance, every dollar helps.

You can make a real difference to our ability to improve transport, housing and job opportunities by making a one off donation today, or becoming a regular donor.

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Sydney Alliance – you can find out more and fill in an application form here.

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