Station Access Upgrades


  1. The government are behind on their own schedule with the Access Program.  How will you get back on track to delivering full access to all the stations currently without it across the Sydney Trains Network, starting with Arncliffe Station?
  2. What are the selection criteria in prioritising stations for the Access Program construction and will you make this publicly available? (may change the word construction in this ask)
  3. How will the government commit to the upgrading of the outstanding stations post the current funding period without disadvantaging other transport projects?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Sydney Alliance is working on this issue as train station accessibility is an essential part of

ensuring that everyone has access to public transport. Currently many stations across the network

are not accessible, meaning that various groups of people have difficulty accessing stations due to

the absence of lifts and the necessity of negotiating flights of stairs.

Those who face access difficulties include wheelchair users, parents with prams, people with injuries

or disabilities which limit movement, older people, and people with luggage, among others. This

incorporates a large section of the population and thus has a broad impact on equality of access to

public transport.

Yes. The NSW government currently has an Access Program in place, under which stations are

placed on a priority list for improvements to accessibility. Our ask focuses on making the list more

transparent and improving the delivery of this existing program. It is much more achievable to focus

on improving an existing program than starting a new one.

Yes. Stations with accessibility issues are spread across Sydney’s rail network, as are the people who

would benefit from access improvements. It is not limited to one part of the city.