Voices For Power



The Voices for Power Campaign is a community organising campaign that brings diverse cultural and religious leaders and communities together to build collective power and organise for Affordable and Renewable energy solutions for all. Over the last 3 years we've heard hundreds of stories from people's experiences.

Some of the stories we've heard ...

  • "Despite adjusting our energy usage behaviour at home, our energy bill still increased from its usual $600 amount to $850." - Tu Li (Marrickville, 2018)

  • "Because of language barriers I help many of my community members negotiate with their energy retailers. Some seek my support to help deal with debt collectors." - Sheikh Adid Arubai (Mount Druitt, 2019)

  • "I noticed how drastically our electricity bill went down as a result of switching to solar. This change means that I have huge savings to support my family’s basic needs. " - AniSon (Blacktown, 2018)

  • "I live in a tiny room of high rise building. I can’t afford a fan because I’ve been out of work due to my disability. During the heatwave I had no choice but to just sweat in my clothes and keep changing” - Amada (Blacktown, 2020)


How do I get involved?

1. Talk to an Organiser?

2. I would like to join one of the local caucus'

  • Head over to our Teams page for contact details.

3. Follow us on our Social Media and stay up to date with our actions

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