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Campaigning Update


We are excited to invite you to save the date for the upcoming 2019 Voices for Power Conference, on the 24th of July.

Last year was the first time leaders from all seven Voices for Power Communities came together in one room. We listened to each others stories. We endorsed the Voices for Power Roadmap. We did political mapping. We committed to doing the work together to make sure the Government puts clean and affordable energy back on the agenda.

A lot has changed in a year…

  • We’ve met with key decisions makers from Labor and Liberal.
  • We’ve met with more experts to turn our Voices for Power Roadmap into specific policy asks.
  • Our Prime Minister changed (again).
  • All seven Voices for Power Communities have been having table talks and taking action.
  • 2000 people attended the Town Hall assembly - 600 of which were Voices for Power Leaders - where we asked our politicians if they’d work with us and they said yes.
  • We’ve had a State Election.
  • We’re about to have a Federal Election.

This year’s Voices for Power Conference is about holding our politicians accountable post-Assembly, state, and federal elections. It’s about understanding the role of climate change in our work. It’s about celebrating what we’ve won and what we need to do to keep winning.

Will you be a part of this historic gathering?

Your participation is crucial to the next stage of this campaign! Please register here.

The Project

In the Voices for Power Project, ethnically and culturally diverse leaders take the lead in finding solutions to problems confronting the members of their communities. As our communities are dealing with the pressures of rising energy prices and the effects of climate change, we are stepping up to meet those challenges.

How does it work?

The project starts by building a core team of young people and outlying leaders who are passionate about climate change.

The core team then undergoes a listening campaign about affordable and renewable power with the buy-in of partner organisations.

These listening campaigns unearth new leaders and grassroots stories, educate and build trust across communities. 

Following this process, community leaders and organisers come together in a culturally-appropriate way and discern both practical opportunities for transferring to affordable and renewable energy as well as political solutions.

This process repeats each year with a growing number of leaders in each iteration.

In the second year, organisations would start integrating listening, discernment and action events into the regular flow of cultural, religious and community life, connecting with a larger network of participants.

In the third year, the focus would shift significantly to public action, with united communities making their position on these issues clear.


Contact Liuanga Palu at lpalu@sydneyalliance.org.au.

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