Who else supports this issue?


Our greatest supporters are the employers we work with and those employers who want to work with us. Good Corporate Citizens like Mirvac, Harris Farm and Lend Lease want to provide opportunities for disadvantaged communities as part of their commitment to social responsibility, but they often struggle to make that aspiration work. We step into that gap and provide employers with a steady point of contact that they can turn to if they need to manage any challenges that come up at work.

Community leaders like Linda O’Brien, the Principal of Granville Boys High, Fr Peter Confeggi, the Priest at St Patricks in Blacktown, and Jomana Harris the President of the United Muslim Women’s Association from Bankstown are eager for the pilot in Glebe to be funded and evaluated to see if it can be expanded to their communities.

In Glebe there is widespread support for the expansion of the program. Inspired by the success of the two apprentices at the Mirvac Harold Park development, many young people on a daily basis come to Glebe Youth Service and ask staff;  ‘Can you help me get a job please!?’ Beyond this the program has support from the Glebe Chamber of Commerce,  a range of community groups and organisations that operate in Glebe. Also the Local MP, Jamie Parker Member for Balmain is prepared to champion the issue, and, of course the families of young people who would like nothing more than to see their children, their brother and sisters secure and retain a job.

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