Why is the Sydney Alliance working on this?


Transport between Western Sydney and other parts of Sydney is a significant issue that affects huge numbers of people.

Hundreds of people brought up the issue of traffic and the difficulties in getting around during our listening campaign around Sydney.

The M4 Park & Ride project at Olympic Park offers an opportunity to divert cars onto a park and ride facility, meaning there would be less cars that travel into the city, causing greater congestion and delays.  It also provides a facility for those living in suburbs far from train stations to park and get onto the network.

Many who would park and ride cannot because commuter car parks are full and street parking (especially at stations on the Western Line like Granville and Strathfield) is not available or convenient.

All these people will be able to drive to the Park & Ride station, park and catch a shuttle service into the city.

Finally, as the final stages of planning for the multibillion dollar WestConnex project are underway, this is the best time to ensure that efficient public transport is included ‘in the mix’ of travel options.

If the full Westconnex project goes ahead, there will be road works on Parramatta Rd and tributaries for the next decade, making greater access to the public transport system to avoid traffic congestion highly desirable. 

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