Why is the Sydney Alliance working on this?


We are working on this issue because it significantly affects a large and diverse population of Sydneysiders, it has a fairly simple and achievable solution that could be implemented quickly by the NSW government and there is a broad base of support for the issue.

Currently 28,000 workers commute to Kingsford Smith Airport to reach their places of employment. Many of these workers cannot afford the exorbitant station access fee at the International and Domestic train stations ($12.60 per trip in addition to the regular train fare)[1]. In addition to being an injustice for these employees, the fee results in thousands of additional cars on the road in the Botany Bay area as both employees and less frequent users of the airport choose to drive rather than catch the train in order to save on the fare.

Local businesses are also concerned that their employees drive rather than catch the train because even though the airport stations are close by, employees cannot afford the Station Access Fees and are reluctant to walk to either Green Square or Mascot stations due to the lack of pedestrian infrastructure and perceived lack of safety after dark.[2]

Scrapping the Station Access Fee would mean less traffic in Sydney’s inner south, a more equitable transport system and a more accessible airport to make Sydney more tourist and business friendly.


[1] Source: p29 Legislative Council Report "Removing or reducing station access fees at Sydney Airport" 28th February 2014

[2] Source: p3 Sydney Business Chamber Submission to Parliament dated 11th March 2013

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