On 11 February 2013, Dwayne Buchanan, a young Aboriginal man from Derwent St Glebe started work as an apprentice with Mirvac at the Harold Park Development. This job opportunity was created by the Sydney Alliance – where local churches, unions, schools and community organisations worked with young people and Mirvac to create a quality job opportunity for someone who needed a chance – a working start.

WorkingStart! – communities and companies creating job opportunities together

We know that the best pathway to social inclusion is to help people find their vocation. But, disadvantage and isolation can make that journey very difficult.

The WorkingStart! program helps create a supported employment pathway.  In Glebe, this involved:

  • Supporting a group of young men and women to identify the kinds of jobs they aspire to
  • Working with local employers to identify dedicated apprenticeships and other work experience opportunities for local young people, and supporting them to create on-the-job mentoring opportunities for the young people
  • Providing a sustained community mentoring and support for the young person with an organisation that they know and trust

In 2014, we are working to expand this program to other employers and other communities in Sydney. We are excited that the State Government’s 2021 plan agrees that employment is a pathway to social inclusion, and are working to identify opportunities for how they may expand this work.

We will be campaigning during the State Election to pilot the role of an "employment support worker." Click here to read more about this role and some frequently asked questions about why we are running this campaign.

To find out more about how to get involved in this team, please contact Monique Perusco from Good Beginnings on [email protected]


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