Our Purpose

The Sydney Alliance brings together diverse community organisations, unions and religious organisations to advance the common good and achieve a fair, just and sustainable city.

We do this by providing opportunities for people to have a say in decisions that affect them, their families and everyone working and living in Sydney.

The Sydney Alliance is a non-party political organisation.  Want to know more? Click here to find out more about us.

Latest News

comedy2.jpgThe Sydney Alliance are teaming up with top Australian personalities including Andrew Denton (Enough Rope), Charles Firth (The Chaser) and Sam McCool (Australia’s Got Talent) and more!

They’ll be debating the issues that our NSW politicians should be deliberating ahead of the State Elections later in March 2015.


So, the spill is done. The Prime Minister is still the Prime Minister, for now. The ALP is smirking. The backbench now expect the Prime Minister to listen to them. Opinion writers are restless. 


uren_stage.jpgYesterday 1500 well wishers attended Tom Uren’s funeral. As Anthony Albanese said, for those two hours we were “comrades” saluting the leadership of one of the most heroic politicians we have ever had. John Howard, Ruddock, Keating, Hawke were all there to pay tribute to an environmentalist, peace activist, war hero, Labor man.

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